Monday, February 16, 2009

Big news at Blazing With Phelps

Hey-lo friends. I'm sick today so I took care of the super awesome thing that we've been wanting to do since we started this blog 44 years ago. I now know what Isla Fisher means in the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" commercial when she boldly states "When you change your life... you'd never think it would change everything." That is some smart writing right there.

Anyways, we're going to have our very own domain name.

It's true! Starting sometime tomorrow, you can access all of our edgy, AIDS-jokingly, witty goodness through the url, which is currently a GoDaddy placeholder with a redirect link I wrote that doesn't work. Hooray!

I hope you enjoy and keep reading. Somehow we've had 200 pageviews in two days, which is alarming and preposterous. Thank you for all your support, as I can only assume you are my mother constantly refreshing your computer screen to make me feel good. Feel free to leave any tips, feedback, etc., and I'm always open to column ideas.

Also, I'm starting the campaign to have my editor let me change the description after my columns. Right now it reads, "Rob Gindes is a journalism major. He can be reached at" Shockingly all of these things are true, but I'd much rather it say "Rob Gindes blogs at the non-Diamondback-related" Because I love attention.

So thanks again, and keep reading. I have a real column coming out on Friday and probably will post stuff here on the semi-daily. Greg and John have more stuff coming to your face soon. So get ready.

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  1. so do we go public now? I'm not sure how this dot com bubble is supposed to work...