Friday, February 20, 2009

Bad Ideas by Rob Gindes, part 1 of ∞

So as per usual, I was going to run a version of the column that ran in the newspaper today, but I held off because it was so centric to the online version of the paper, and people that read this from my area have probably read the column, whereas people who are not from around here probably have no idea what it's about.

In short, I was worried that the idea of writing a column about how anonymous hate comments are lame wasn't going to play in a forum that encouraged anonymous hate comments. Judging by this:

This is one of the worst articles I've ever read in my entire life. Its hard to believe that writer is a journalism major. Actually with the likes of Jason Blair maybe he fits right in. Just because you don't like some of the comments posted you write a crybaby article about it?

I was... right. I guess. You know, for the record, Jayson Blair was a great writer. He just sort of made everything up.

Instead of the normally scheduled programming, let's do Oscar previews instead:

Slumdog Millionaire. Didn't see it.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Didn't see it.
Frost/Nixon. Didn't see it.
The Reader. Didn't see or read it.
Milk. Didn't drink it.

So there you go! If anyone played a mentally challenged person this year, they'll win, otherwise the only lock is that someone will make a scummy liberal statement about how great Hollywood is and how everyone is stupid.

You can take that to the bank. And if you disagree, well, we support anonymous hate comments.


  1. if you have hate in your heart, let it out

  2. i dont hate your aticles i just hate you. Just to make it clear, i hate rob gindes

  3. I hate that Rob Gindes too. He is just too damned handsome.