Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anonymous Hate Spew

When Greg and I started this blog a couple weeks ago, we joked to each other that someday, random people from Wisconsin would be logging on and saying to themselves, what the fuck is this? Why Wisconsin? I don't know. It was random. Subconsciously we assumed that Wisconsin is the last place anyone would be visiting this site.

We should have known something was up when we got a hit from Green Bay the other day, but we dismissed it as Brett Favre, a known BWP supporter. Instead, the steady flow of Wisconsinites has been (I'd assume fully) due to a random link we got from a Milwaukee Brewers fan site. They seem to have not gotten the joke behind "We're aren't experts" and instead took my hard-hitting analysis as fact.

Anyways, it's given leeway to something I've written a column about recently (And you should be reading those, because it's not like I correctly predict stunning basketball upsets a month in advance or anything), which is to say, ridiculous jibberish left anonymously in the comments section. This is the worst part of the internet. It used to be the bullies were the kids that gave me wedgies. Now they're the people trying to steal my identity on the internet and leaving anonymous comments calling me a bad writer. I have to deal with you guys now? Jesus. Just grow the fuck up.

Which isn't to say I'm sensitive to it, I just wish people would man up and put their name with their hate speech. Because it's just cowardly to parade around in the internet ripping people down with no accountability. You might not like what I say or what I support, but at least you know it's me saying it.

Like if I say I hate the state of Wisconsin, you know it was me saying it. I'd never say that, but you get the idea.

People think that it's cool to parade around the internet trying to "cyberbully" other people--literally I am upset that the little red squiggly line didn't come up under "cyberbully," because this is an actual word now--when really it just makes you a loser.

So anyways, the moral of the story is that if you're visiting this site from the state of Wisconsin, welcome. Brett Favre is a scumbag that no one else in the country cares about and we all wish would go away; it's fucking incredible that you still blindly support him despite the fact that he doesn't even play for your team any more.

Also, the fact that you consider cheddarwurst an acceptable substance to eat is disgusting.



  1. Man, you're pretty sensitive...

    I really didn't even take a shot at you in the post. I linked to your post and recapped almost exactly what you said. And I clearly did understand your "We Aren't Experts" concept as I referenced it twice in the short paragraph I wrote on the subject.

    Plus, you're way off base on the Milwaukee is a fat city rhetoric, brah. We're all ripped and shit: http://www.mensfitness.com/city_rankings/462

    Jared from Right Field Bleachers

  2. really i wish that by the fact that you attached your name to that you'd know i wasn't including you.

    i just felt like a bunch of people came in all offended and stuff. for instance, a comment on your site that made us all laugh: "Blazing With Phelps is the worst blog I’ve ever seen/read in my life. I feel much dumber because I read that garbage."

    it made us feel like people weren't understanding how little work we actually do on this blog, which is to say none. we hate all of our readers. the point is that serious blogs full of analysis and hard work (like yours) are the apples to our oranges.

  3. we're full of analysis my ass

    that's all me

  4. Yeah, I guess that makes some sense. I didn't read the comments on your NL Central post until after I read your comments on our site and this post. Now that I've read the comments, I at least understand where you're coming from.

    Anyway, again, I have no problem with your blog. I was just including a link to your NL Central preview on our daily news post because we include pretty much everything related to the Brewers in that.

    I think you can really credit the national media for the pissed off Brewers fans. We've been hearing all offseason that the Brewers have no shot this year when anyone looking at the facts can see that that's simply not true. Everyone is just piling on the team for losing CC and Sheets even though the Brewers have made up for those losses with their replacements and in other areas of the team. I can't speak for all Brewers fans, but I think we're mostly just ready for all the offseason predictions to end and for the Brewers to come out and prove everyone wrong.

    By the way, my personal prediction, I'd guess 87 wins and right in the thick of the Wild Card race.

    Later. -- Jared

  5. And, yeah, Jack is the only smart one on our site.

  6. I still hate you rob and will continue posting anonymously from wisconsin.
    ps - Acting like you "put no effort" into something was cool in high school and college when you told people "ya i didnt even study for that test, i was too busy hooking up with christina". Maybe its time you grow up and take things seriously or at least stop pretending you think everything is a joke

  7. I guess that makes sense. You do seem to have the maturity of a college student. Christina is a girls name. Like universal dumb college girl name. Kind of like rob for universal dumb college guys name.

  8. I don't know who you are or anything, but is there a way we could get in contact with you to do an interview or something?

  9. rob i still hate you and that anonymous poster is an imposter

  10. but xavier, i never did anything to you.

  11. I just want to set the record straight that all these other haters are imposters. I am the only true hater

  12. ps- there could be other haters from egypt