Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol sucks now.

Didn't this show used to be good? I think they've just become creatures of habit and they think all the quirks and nuances are more important than what we came here to see: Simon saying something horrible to some kid and then the kid crying. Now they just cry out tears of joy, or something stupid like that.

I just turned it on and IS THAT KUMAR??!!? Kal Penn is on the show right now?!!?!? Oh, well I guess not because fat Josh Turner is moving on. Sheesh, this is a shit show. This guy's a rugged oil rig worker? His performance right now is about as masculine as a box full of tampons. What happened to Daughtry?

It just sucks because as you probably know, I hate a lot of TV now, and this show used to be awesome. The beginning shows were always the best and even those were terrible this year--I haven't actually watched as much as I am right now since then. The formula used to be very simple:

Some crazy people + Some really good people + Some really interesting back stories + Hilarious Simon = TV MAGIC.

The formula is now:

Lots of crazy people + Few good people + a TON of back stories that vary from "sort of interesting" to "who the fuck cares" + a coked-out Paula and some other girl no one's ever heard of giving Simon shit because someone told them to = TERRIBLE.

So I don't care about any of the people, none of them become successful in the music industry any more, and there's nothing to hold my interest.

It wasn't that long ago that we had Kellie Pickler on this show. Now it's Kumar and a fat version of Josh Turner that sounds like a mix between Clay Aiken and a cat getting thrown out of a 12th-story window. This is the best we have now?

At least there's only 22 minutes until LOST.

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